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COVID-19 Policy

As of February 01, 2022, the Paul Robeson Theatre requires all guests to be masked while in the theatre/building. Standard hospital masks with filtration are required. No fabric masks will be permitted. 

While performers may be unmasked on stage, all theatre staff, technicians and ushers are required to remain masked at all times. Handwashing is encouraged. 

As an added safety measure, and to limit physical contact between guests and employees, cash is not currently being accepted for in-house ticket sales or concessions. Please be prepared to purchase tickets online or use PayPal and Cash App for in-house ticket purchases and concessions. Please contact the theatre for special arrangements.

Thank you for understanding. As always, this policy is subject to change at any time.


For the most current updates, please check back and visit this page.

Did You Know?



We're so glad live theatre is back!

After two years of virtual theatre, the Paul Robeson Theatre reopened its doors to the public in February of 2022 with a production of Facing Our Truth, a Short Play Series